Aren’t plastic bottles bad for the environment? Why not switch to glass or bio-degradable bottles?


We are committed to delivering the benefits of this “perfect water” to the world while minimizing negative impacts to the environment. We examine various industry data and information to create operational blueprints.

Our goals include: 1) reduction in life-cycle energy consumption; 2) reduction in use of non-renewable resources; 3) reduction of non-recyclable waste material; 4) reduction of environmental pollutants; and 5) promotion of sustainable recycling/reuse.

A comprehensive study of packaging life-cycles from resource mining/harvesting to generation of methane, energy/water consumption, transportation impact, recycling and land-fill issues yields logical choices. Currently, in this context, PET plastic bottles still remain one of the better practical options for bottled water containers.

In fact, PET plastic water bottle is one of the most effective and inert carbon capture/sequestration devices with one of the lowest life-cycle energy cost and actual environmental footprint among the major consumer product packaging materials, and as such they should be properly disposed of (i.e., stored at landfills), recycled, or reused. PET plastic water bottles require a tiny fraction of world’s oil, and most of that is made from waste refinery byproducts.

We do plan to offer glass lines in addition to current PET lines to cater to customer’s needs. We may also consider changing the bottle types to a bio-degradable material when certain key issues such as shelf life, impact on recycling utilities and environment (including generation of carbon dioxide and methane) are mitigated.

There are additional FACTS as opposed to popular myths to consider (more on this subject will be posted here later).

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