AKALI Clinical Study 1


A double-blind clinical study was performed on the hydrating effects of AKALI® at the Movement Science/Human Performance Laboratory, Montana State University and published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. It was hypothesized that rehydration would occur faster and more completely from the consumption of AKALI® as compared to a placebo water (Pepsi’s Aquafina® brand) following a bout of intense exercise. The results were astounding.

For the study, a group of elite cyclists rode at 75% of their maximum power in a warm, humid environment until they recorded 2.5% weight loss. The athletes then moved to a cooler, less humid environment and consumed the weight of water they had lost during the ride within 30 minutes. The water retention rate was very different for the two waters. Akali was 79.2% retained while Aquafina was only 62.5% retained at the end of three hours. It demonstrated that 1.27 times as much Akali water was retained versus Aquafina.

Study conclusion: Akali rehydrates faster and more thoroughly. Abstract available at:


© 2009 Heil and Seifert; licensee BioMed Central Ltd


“The Akali is definitely rehydrating people faster and more completely when they’re dehydrated following exercise…” Dan Heil – Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology Montana State University


“It contains a number of minerals that are condusive to rehydration… and properties that we see with rehydration.” John Seifert – Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology Montana State University


“Everybody in that race suffered some dehydration issue – almost everybody… except us.” Robyn Benincasa – Champion Elite Adventure Racer, Founder of Project Athena

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