AKALI Clinical Study 2


akali graph2

A second clinical trial took place in Spring of 2010 to evaluate and document the ability of Akali to alter markers of acid-base balance in young healthy adults when compared with the consumption of typical bottled water. The results of that study were equally compelling, showing Akali to have a profound impact on pH markers in the body within one week of regular consumption.

Study 2 – Summary Conclusions

Consumption of Akali®water was associated with:

▪ Significantly reduced urine output.

▪ Significantly increased urine concentration and reduced blood concentration.

▪ Significantly increased urine pH and increased blood pH.

General Conclusions:

▪ Acid-base balance IMPROVEDwhen drinking Akali®.

▪ Hydration status IMPROVED when drinking Akali®.

Extrapolation of Findings:

▪ Healthy adults can improve indicators of both acid-base balance and hydration status with habitual consumption of Akali®.

▪ Long-term consumption of Akali® may help body improve disease symptoms or conditions associated with poor acid-base balance and/or hydration status in non-healthy adults. This suggestion, however, has not yet been tested.



Acid-Base Balance and Hydration Status Following Consumption of Mineral-Based Alkaline Bottled Water

– Daniel P Heil

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